One of the best thing I have invested in for myself and hubby. Cecile is super friendly, thorough and quick. I do not want to even think about all the shaving, ingrown hairs, and razor burn I have endured in the past. No more!!!! You won't regret your decision. I am on my last session and super happy with the results.

Bridget S.

Best place to get laser hair removal in Baton Rouge! I have seen amazing results with my laser hair removal treatments. I can't wait to never shave again

Rachel L.

I have hormonal problems that resulted in a patch of thick hair on my chin/neck area. I have been so embarrassed about that particular region of my face. I tried laser once before and it just made my issue worst to the point where I was shaving every day to try and look feminine. I decided to give this place a shot because I was so tired of feeling like I'm not a girl. Cecil has been phenomenal in making me feel comfortable and doing my laser treatments. Results were prominent from day one. In fact, by the third treatment, I would forget to shave sometimes because my chin looked so smooth!! That is the first time in 7 years where I was able to completely forget about the hair growth on my chin and just go out bare faced. My experience has been amazing and I'm so happy that I found a place that worked for me. Being able to wake up in the morning and not feel stubble on my face makes me so sentimental because I've struggled with this issue for so long. Now i have a couple more treatments to go and now I'm almost hairless on my chin!

Samra T.

I was interested in getting laser hair removal & after calling several Medical Spa's I was most fortunate to find Body Image Aesthetics. The staff Body Image explained to me in great detail over the phone, what the procedure entailed & what precautions I needed to take before scheduling my appt. I was greeted in the same professional manner, upon my arrival for treatment. They put me ease and even after one treatment, I am seeing amazing results. If you are looking for a reputable Medical Spa with lasers that produce great results, a place that is clean and comfortable and where you know they care about your well being, then you need to call 930-BODY. Amazing!!

Darrell C.

I cannot say enough good things about Cecile and the staff at Body Image Aesthetics. After getting hair laser for years, hopping from place to place, only to have low quality lasers used on me that didn't reduce the hair, I had given up. Then a friend told me about Cecile, and when I called, they got me in that same day. After just one treatment, I saw a noticeable reduction in hair regrown, and haven't picked up a razor in two years now. I now go to Cecile for everything and would recommend her to anyone in Baton Rouge needing skincare and injectables.

Michelle R.

At 66 my face was showing some signs of sun and aging. My wife accepted a Groupon for me to attend, so was very apprehensive. The experience was great. The staff very freiendly and informative on procedures. I have only had the microdermabrasion treatment, but am continuing on a regular basis. Bottomline is: guys looking good is not just for ladies any more.

David P.

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