How Can You Better Serve Your Employees?

With corporate wellness services from our Baton Rouge team

When the staff at your small business is starting to feel a little overwhelmed with work, wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace to bring in a crew to help them feel happier and healthier? Body Image Aesthetics offers corporate wellness services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to improve the well-being of corporate employees in the area.

You can arrange for members of our staff to come directly to your business for any of the following services:

• High Protein Smoothies (In House Smxoothie Mix That Serves As High Meal Replacements!)
• Nutritional Behavior Modification Classes
• Personal Fitness Training
• Group Exercise Classes
• Customized meal plans
• Cooking Demonstrations
• Smoothies and supplements
• In house Fitness Competitions
• Blood Pressure Checks
• Blood Glucose Testing
•Body Composition Analysis

Our goal is to teach people how to eat better, restore vitality and be healthier in general - it's not about losing weight, it's about being healthier and happier everyday! We can tailor our services to meet the specific needs and desires you might have for your business and employees.

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Your Employees with Thank You!

Positive company culture can make a big difference in the daily workplace grind. Our team is ready to help the employees at your office take the right steps to better wellness – which in turn could mean higher productivity at your business. By taking advantage of our Corporate Wellness services, employees will also benefit from reduced insurance premiums, increased employee morale, and an overall healthier work environment. Treat your staff to something new, exciting and educational. Reach out to Body Image Aesthetics today to arrange a time for corporate wellness services.