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Zap Away Acne With Our Laser Acne Treatment

Consult with the team at Body Image Aesthetics in Baton Rouge, LA

If you're not having much luck with your current skin care routine, you may be an ideal candidate for laser acne treatments. Body Image Aesthetics can help you safely and effectively eliminate acne for good! During your skin care appointment, our lasers will target your skin's overactive glands and prevent them from causing future acne. Patients usually require a few treatments before seeing results, but you'll have smooth, gorgeous skin that you'll be proud to show off in time!

Laser acne treatments are noninvasive and don't require any recovery time. Consult the team at Body Image Aesthetics to get started.

Why choose laser acne treatments?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana's Body Image Aesthetics can make your skin look and feel great with our laser acne treatments. Laser acne treatments can help:

  • Reduce the appearance of acne scars
  • Reduce signs of sun damage
  • Rejuvenate your skin
  • Give your skin a more balanced tone

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