Baton Rouge's First Med-Spa

Established in 2005!

At Body Image Aesthetics, our mission is to provide you with an all-inclusive health and wellness center where you can achieve optimal health, reach your weight loss goals in a safe and timely manner, and take advantage of our spa services to further enhance your body image so you can feel better, look better and be the best you can while living life to the fullest. We are proud to be Baton Rouge's First Medical Spa focusing on wellness and aesthetic services. Get started with Body Image Aesthetics today!

In 2005, owner and wellness enthusiast, Cecile Johnson started Body Image Aesthetics because she was driven by a passion to educate and help others reach their wellness goals. It’s that passion that helps Body Image Aesthetics provide custom-tailored services that always keep the customer at the forefront. With Cecile at the helm leading our stellar team of professionals, we offer the utmost in personal attention, compassion and customer service when it comes to helping our clients achieve optimal health and beauty. Our goal for all our clients is to provide them with a warm, welcoming environment within which to learn about their body type and help them reach their body image goals.

Ultimately, Body Image Solutions loves nothing more than to see our clients getting healthy the natural way! Cecile will personally assist you in creating healthy and balanced shopping lists for your family, give you ideas on how to create healthy meals and stay active. She is also backed by a stellar team of Physician Assistants and Medical Directors that oversee the spa treatments we offer. In addition, we will give you personalized nutrition tips to help you reach your goals. Don't go another day being unhappy with your body. Give us a call today for a personalized wellness solution. "Imagine...A Whole New You!"